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Menstrual Cycle Workshop

Menstrual Cycle Workshop
Hosted by Zahava
1/27, 3-5pm
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In this Menstrual Cycle Workshop we will be exploring “The Vias,” a framework
created by Red School. The Vias represent the all pervading currents of Life: the
rise and fall, inhale and exhale, contraction and expansion, feminine and
masculine principles, Yin and Yang energies. These archetypal powers are both
opposites and complementary, which bleeding women experience throughout
each menstrual cycle. Understanding these currents enables us to be more in
tune with our own body and that of Earth.

Workshop includes:
🌗Framework teachings and discussion
🌗Visuals, poetry, and resources
🌗Embodiment / movement practice through a guided music journey
🌗Accessible tools supporting the remembrance of your authentic inner
🌗Warm Tea
Not taking reservations
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Instructor Zahava
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